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I have always struggled with having any sort of morning routine. Hitting the snooze button always seems so enticing. However, more recently, I have seen and heard more and more testimonials emphasizing the importance of a morning routine. Almost every biography, self-help book, or lifestyle magazine boasts about the benefits of a morning routine. The most successful people have mastered their morning routines in order to attain the mindset needed for the day ahead. Basically, taking advantage of your morning gives you a massive edge on those that don’t.

“How you start your day is how you’re going to live your day and how you live your day is how you’re going to live your life.” – Louise Hay

After this realization, I began to examine my mornings and researched things people claim will improve your morning. There are surprisingly a lot of opinions and suggestions on this topic. I tried a lot of them and have narrowed it down to about 10 things that make morning/day a little better. I am not claiming to do all of these every morning, I typically get 3 or 4 done each morning, but my purpose is to spread the knowledge of options we can implement in our mornings!

Here are a few things you can do to boost your mornings:

  1. Get a good night’s rest.
    • From what I have gathered, this means something different to everyone so I don’t have any recommended time of sleep. All I know is that it’s more about quality of sleep than quantity.
  2. Express gratitude.
    • This is one of the most powerful habits because starting your day being thankful for what you have been blessed with will carry your positive attitude throughout the rest of the day.
  3. Do not look at your phone until after completing another task on this list.
    • Those texts and emails can wait a little longer. Reading your texts and emails immediately after waking affects your thoughts about the day which can be good or bad. Taking the time to decide how your day will be before checking your phone shields you from that annoying email that sets you off.
  4. Drink a full glass/bottle of water.
    • The body spends all night repairing for the upcoming day and therefore clears a lot of waste that needs to be flushed out. Drinking a bunch of water in the morning helps to clear your system of this waste and starts your day off with a good dose of hydration. You can add lemon and honey to the water for some taste.
  5. Drink tea/coffee calmly and in peace.
    • I have never been the biggest fan of caffeine, especially coffee, because it makes me too jittery but I know some people live by it. However, I have begun to drink some tea in the morning because of its other health benefits. I think sitting down for your coffee/tea instead of rushing it on the go gives you some time to think about the day ahead in peace while enjoying your morning beverage.
  6. Practice meditation and/or prayer.
    • If you are a spiritual being like I am, this habit is a key ingredient to a successful day. Just taking a few moments to meditate or pray for the day ahead puts me in a mindset that nothing can faze me because I already addressed it when I woke up.
  7. Do a light workout.
    • I admittedly will never be able to wake up early enough to do a full blown workout but I recently have started waking up early enough to do a light 5 minute workout or stretching. I always feel immediately energized, alert, and accomplished after these workouts.
  8. Read/Listen to uplifting content.
    • I call this the morning “turn up”. LOL. Every morning I try to listen to some music or a podcast that elevates my spirit and motivation for the day.
  9. Eat Fruits or drink a smoothie.
    • I have read that eating fruits and drinking smoothies in the morning are the best things you can do to kick start your digestive system and metabolism for the day. The reason being your body needs energy to digest and metabolize all of the food you eat throughout the day, except fruits. Fruit actually digests in the intestines instead of the stomach and increases your energy level instead of decreasing it, therefore supercharging your digestive system for the heavier meals you eat later in the day. Click here if you need a good morning smoothie recipe.
  10. Write in your journal.
    • Maintaining a journal is one of the best and most powerful decisions I have ever made. I am only about 6 months in to keeping one and have enjoyed the process as well as made larger strides in life due to things I wrote to myself. My journal is where I keep everything I learn and think. It’s where I store my ideas even for this blog. Get a journal, it’s so worth it.

Although my morning usually does not allow for all of these activities, I try to keep the mindset that implementing even one of these is better than none. I fully recommend implementing some of these into your morning routine if you don’t already. Rolling out of bed and straight to work always felt immediately like someone else was pulling the strings. There is a greater sense of control to your day when you start it with intention.

Let’s GO take back our mornings!

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  • TJ, these are all great ways to start a productive day. Maybe because of age, and listening to my body, I have actually done many of these for the past few years.

    Sleeping soundly was an issue for me, especially in my 50’s. Changes in life, divorce, financial concerns, health issues, things like that can cause the kind of anxiety that would not allow for the 8 hours that I personally need to feel my best. Interrupted sleep slows me down big time, and I wake feeling tired before I even get the day started. I must have read some where that there were things I could do to improve this, and some I came up for myself by just observing, and paying attention to what I Was doing. First was turning the TV off. That is BIG! If there is soft calming music, then I may turn that on. Personally, I enjoy silence. I bought a $25 white noise machine, and set it on “rain forest” because I realized my upstairs neighbors were waking me at 2, 3 am. My dog and I both love it. Also, I have a soft colored light on my bedside table, and that is what I turn on when I turn my sheets down preparing for bed. I do this before I brush my teeth, wash my face, etc. so I have this little internal feeling that peace and quiet is coming. Again, no TV or phone.

    When I wake, I am somewhat on auto pilot. After brushing my teeth, and pulling on my sweats or whatever, I have this little routine of making my small pot of coffee, that brews while I walk my dog. It smells good when I come in, and that in and of itself calms me, and I look forward to it.

    Something else in your list that I personally do, and love is what I call my “grateful prayers”. Sometimes when I get up I start them, without thinking about it, because it has become such a habit. Sometimes I start when I’m walking my dog. He stops to smell, and I look around at the sky, the water, the birds, all the simple things I do not want to take for granted. I also say them when I get into bed at night, sometimes just to calm myself from the day. Nothing complicated, just being thankful for a warm, safe place to sleep sometimes is all it is. Simplicity is under rated.

    The fruit smoothie is something I love! I go to Trader Joes, buy every fresh fruit I like, especially pineapple and blueberries for me. When I bring it home, I chop it, put it in a big bowl, and put single portions in a baggie, and throw them in the freezer. I mix it with a little almond or coconut “milk” and blend, after I’ve had my dog walk and coffee. I allow myself 1 cup,
    but again NO TV. Music is something I truly enjoy, and once I got into the habit of NOT turning that TV on, I was surprised at my mood improvement. I record what I like, and I watch at my convenience.

    Water is something I’m pretty good about. It gets the things going, and I have it when I take my vitamins in the morning. The smoothie afterwards, helps it all go down much better.

    Exercise is something I could improve on, but I find as summer is coming, I am more motivated? Maybe it’s the clothes, and vanity, but whatever, it works. ha

    Thank you for the inspiration, and the confirmation. That is a very big deal to me.

    • Patti,

      It seems like you already have a pretty awesome routine! I’ve been working on optimizing my room for sleep recently as well by getting some blackout curtains and candles for night lighting.

      I’m always happy to share and even happier to hear your feedback!

      Much love,

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