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Time is the single most valuable commodity we have. Time just like money can be spent, invested, and even wasted. Time is also so scarce that no amount of money or social status will grant even the most influential person a second longer in a day than everyone else has.  That’s good news for most of us. It’s nice to know that you have as much time as the richest man on earth. The bad news is that time can easily be wasted, lost, or stolen if you do not invest it wisely.

The difference between those that are highly successful in life and those that aren’t is how they choose to allocate their time. High achievers invest their time towards activities that have high returns on investment. They spend their time doing things that will bear fruit in the future and also find ways to squeeze more time out of the day than the average person, by being more productive. Not so successful people typically don’t pay attention to how they allocate their time, which typically ends up in them spending time on low ROI activities like watching too much TV, wasting time on social media or having it stolen from them by emergencies they aren’t prepared for.

I personally still probably spend too much time in the time-wasting category but like to refer to the upcoming list to remind myself where my time is best served.

Best Low Risk, High Reward Time Investments (the order is my personal preference):

  1. Relationships – there is nothing more important in life than spending quality time with loved ones. Whether it be with our spouses, kids, friends, or mentors; time spent with strong relationships is proven to be a key ingredient in sustained happiness in life. Building and maintaining relationships is the lifeblood of both personal and professional achievement.
  2. Health – Allotting ample time towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle via exercise, doctor/dental visits, and healthy nutrition will pay dividends for literally the rest of our lives. We should never take our health for granted. Be proactive, we should all know this by now.
  3. Skills – Spending time attaining a new degree or professional certification will bear tangible fruit in hire ability, income potential, and in promotional opportunities. Typically the rarer the skill, the more fruit it shall bear. It takes serious time and commitment to learn a new difficult skill but time spent on learning difficult skills is rarely regretted.
  4. Knowledge – Everyone should already know my stance on books. Seeking to learn more than we get in the classroom setting through books, courses, seminars, and conferences will allow us to expand perspectives, expertise, and lifestyle in more ways than imaginable. Knowledge is power; execution of knowledge can be atomic.
  5. Attitude – Taking time to tend to our spirits through interacting with positive people, doing things you enjoy, attending church, prayer, yoga, or mediation all allow to maintain a value-centered demeanor that’ll carry our spirits through life’s trials.
  6. Planning – taking some time to plan for the future is the best way to “create” more time for your future self. By planning ahead, we are able to make the most of our time.

There are so many daily events and distractions vying for our attention every day that it can be overwhelming. We are often left thinking “Where has the time gone?” Just having this list somewhere helps me when I have a chance to plan the days ahead or when I come into some free time. I truly believe that minimizing “wasted” time and investing it instead creates a paradigm shift that could ignite multiple waves favor down the road.

Let’s Go.

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  • Thank you for keeping us aware of how we spend our time and how we can utilize it better. I love how you made it clear that time has no favorites and even the most prestigious person can’t buy time.

    • You’re welcome! I believe the people who become most prestigious are the ones who figured this out early and have been practicing it for years. We all have that chance.

  • TJ, these are all great ideas and reminders of how to improve the quality of our lives in general. Thank you for that! Sometimes, as we age, we forget to, for instance, keep working on our education, or planning on improvement generally. I find myself getting up and doing the same old, same old. Thank you for the insights, and inspiration!

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