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I recently made the decision to leave a fairly promising job and career path within the financial services industry to chase a life of impact. This decision goes against much of the advice I’ve been given by my close friends and loved ones (sorry Mom) but I’ve been told by my heart and soul to make the leap so I did. I am not afraid of the future because I trust in my ability to produce and in my support system’s ability to pick me up if I fall. I have followed my fears to their respective ends and seen no outcome that will lead to my demise. I am excited for my future. It is an open ending. It is frightening, it will be challenging but I feel that I will discover much about myself during this journey. When I think about my life in the long term, I believe that no part of me will ever regret chasing a dream that moves me. I have seen my family prosper from poverty to success. Scarcity does not intimidate me. I know it is possible to climb towards your dream and eventual success because I witnessed it firsthand watching my parents rise through society and give so much throughout my childhood regardless of the challenges they were facing. I am blessed for the family I was born into. I feel as though if I fail to reach my highest ideals, I will still land much closer to them than if I hadn’t tried at all. Some might call this blind optimism but I will chalk it up to faith. Faith in myself, faith in God and faith that my family and friends will catch me if I fall. There is no doomsday.

I am not perfect. I have many flaws. I just want to be a good man, good brother, good friend, and live a life where I can do what I enjoy and also contribute to the well-being of my community. I want to provide value. I want to create. I want to contribute. I want to put positivity out. I also want to inspire people to not settle in situations they don’t love.

The most freeing realization I had during the process of evaluating my next move was that no one really gives a shit what I do with my life anyway. My community of friends and family cares about my well-being but no one sits around and thinks about MY future as much as I do. No one can ever fully know how many people I know, what knowledge I posses in my brain, what all my skills and interests are, what resources I have at my disposal and what opportunities I see for the future. No one knows all the challenges I’ve dealt with and things accomplished that give me confidence in myself. No one can but me. For this reason, it’s hard to explain where I see things going in one conversation so at this point I am putting it on myself to just go for it. Those who care will find out over time. What I do may not matter to most people in the world but if it does to even .01% people in the world it will still be a success in my opinion (that number would be 700,000 people btw so that’d be a huge success lol). One thing I know for sure is that whatever I finally focus on, I will put more effort than anyone else will to use it to bring positive and forward movement to our world. Now is the time, lets goooooooo!

Stay blessed my people!

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